Total Project Management


Whether a business requires a new office environment or other business property related facility, nearly all clients would elect to outsource the risk management component to the experts in that field. Wilson Management take care of everything delivering a business-ready environment to a predetermined and guaranteed deadline. Now that’s Total Project Management.

Often a business may need to outsource a step or two in the overall project process or perhaps they have attempted to go it alone, it hasn’t quite worked out and now require some additional skills to help manage the situation. Wilson Management offers all these things. From end-to-end solutions to executing a few key components in the middle, we offer flexible solutions because we understand that every job is different.

A team and solution tailored specifically to suit each client’s individual business needs.

Scope of services

Take all the project management services you would expect to find from an experienced management company, then add a whole lot more.


Project Management

Managing and coordination a total fit-out and relocation project from start to end, or engagement at any stage of the process.

  • Stage 1: Feasibility of project and appointment of consultants

  • Stage 2: Design and services process

  • Stage 3: Client approvals and long/short lead time items

  • Stage 4: Tender of main contractors

  • Stage 5: Appointment of suitable main contactor

  • Stage 6: Construction implementation and relocation

Project Scope Reporting

Wilson Management offers front end project advice in assisting our clients develop the best strategy for delivery of their unique project. To do this they provide specific advice over a range of fit-out construction components.


Risk Management

Independent investigations to prepare a Risk Register and Mitigation Strategy, with the aim to eliminate risk associated with a project


Feasibility Reporting

Independent investigation and appraisal of a range of possible fit-out options and any issues that could influence the success of a project, with recommendations on the best options.


Due Diligence Reporting

Independent investigation of base building services - fire, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and lifts - to assess any significant impact on the project’s designs, budgets, quality and timing.


Dilapidation (Condition) Reporting

Independent investigation of the condition of the floorspace and environment before building works begin to advise the condition of such items as the ceiling, floor tiles or carpet, where it may result in repairs and/or upgrades if warranted.