The Wilson Management team bring independence, experience and an open mind to our Clients projects, delivering results beyond expectation.

Wilson Management are a proudly Australian owned company, specialising in the Management and Co-ordination of Clients changing commercial property needs.

We offer total management of commercial office requirements, whether seeking new, retro fitting or consolidating businesses into their office environments.


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Wilson Management is dedicated to understanding our clients’ businesses, protecting them from risk and delivering their project to planned outcomes and benefits. An independent project management team is chosen for each project. This team works to planned outputs, delivered within an agreed timeframe and to a defined quality. This team will remain in contact with the client at every stage of the project. And if a client requires just one service, rather than total project management, they will receive the same level of attention and dedication.

Long-haul or short-haul, we’re alongside you every step of the way


From finance and government, to retail and IT, Wilson Management has worked across a diverse range of business sectors and clients including; Westpac, St. George, Bankwest, Travelex, Forest NSW, NSW Department of Commerce, RBA and Fujitsu. Wilson Management considers our clients as partners, sometimes for the short-term, but always for the long-term. When a client engages Wilson Management, we join their team. Their best interests are our best interests. Our people will happily work from within a client’s business as required.

A team player – developing an open honest relationship you can trust.

Accountability & Project Delivery



Total project management

Whether a business requires a new office environment or other business property related facility, nearly all clients would elect to outsource the risk management component to the experts in that field. Wilson Management take care of everything delivering a business-ready environment to a pre-determined and guaranteed deadline. Now, that’s Total Project Management. Often a business may need to outsource a step or two in the overall project process or perhaps they have attempted to go it alone, it hasn’t quite worked out and now require some additional skills to help manage the situation. Wilson Management offers all these things. From end-to-end solutions to executing a few key component in the middle we offer flexible solutions because we understand that every job is different. A team and solution tailored specifically to suit each client’s individual business needs.

Wilson Management will create a tailored team of between one and three key staff to a project. Those positions include: Project Director Reports to the client and stakeholders. The project director makes sure that all targets of the project are met, including clients’ aims and objectives, delivery and budget. Project Manager Reports to the client and project director. The project manager is the client’s day-to-day contact and essentially becomes part of the client’s team, with the authority, accountability and responsibility for managing a project to achieve specific objectives.


Project Administrator Reports to the project director and project manager. The project administrator makes sure all costs, contracts and documentation are sufficiently prepared to protect the client throughout and beyond the project. Your project will also be supported by Wilson Management’s experienced and professional support staff, responsible for contract administration and day-to-day progress. Leigh Wilson’s involvement in all projects means that you can rest easy knowing that your project is benefiting from more than 20 years of experience. Dedicated and professional staff who get the job done with our client’s best interests in mind.